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Annual Education Results Report 2018-2021

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FMPSD We Belong

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Frank Spragins 2022/23 PLF Plan

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What do staff do on the Fridays that students have off? They learn! Click on the Download link to see our school PLF plan, and find out more about what staff are learning about on PLF Fridays.

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Frank Spragins 2023 Spring Assurance Plan

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Uploaded on Sep 7 2023

Frank Spragins High School Education Plan 2022

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One of the key ways that schools demonstrate accountability and provide assurance is through the development and publication of their education plans. School education plans identify priorities, outcomes, measures and strategies to improve in key areas. The results used to develop the education plan and report performance come from provincial and local measures

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Frank Spragins High School Student and Guardian Handbook

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At Frank Spragins High School, we care about students and want them to be successful. The school is founded on the belief that if students are given a structured alternative academic program in a safe, secure learning environment, they will strive for and experience success. This guidebook will provide you with information on the programs and services that we offer, as well as the guidelines and parameters within which we operate in the best interest of our students.

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