Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of James Hayward

James Hayward


Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Shelley Connors

Shelley Connors

Head Secretary

Photo of Marla Peake

Marla Peake

Student Services Secretary

Support Staff

Photo of Alvina Power

Alvina Power

Food Services Attendant


Photo of Natalie Doucette

Natalie Doucette

Mental Health Therapist


Photo of Nicole Giles

Nicole Giles

Learning Assistance Coordinator

Photo of Sarah MacDonald-Hiscock

Sarah MacDonald-Hiscock

Off-Campus Programs Coordinator


Photo of Natashia Gushue

Natashia Gushue

English Teacher

Photo of Julia McDougall

Julia McDougall

Indigenous Cultural Teacher

Photo of Angela Murrin

Angela Murrin

Junior High teacher, FNMI liaison, and Off Campus Coordinator (Work Experience, RAP, & Dual Credit Trades)

Photo of Michael Parr

Michael Parr

Math Teacher

Photo of Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Science Teacher

Photo of Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh

Social Studies Teacher

Educational Assistants

Photo of Anna Bremner

Anna Bremner

Educational Assistant


Photo of Beverly Hepditch

Beverly Hepditch

School Custodian