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James Hayward

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I am originally from Prince Edward Island, but have been a resident of Fort McMurray since 2006. That was the year that I joined Fort McMurray Public Schools as a teacher at Ecole Dickinsfield School. In 2011, I joined the inaugural staff of Ecole McTavish School, and a year later I became Vice-Principal there. In 2017, I went back to Ecole Dickinsfield for a year as Vice-Principal - and the following year I was called upon to become Principal of Frank Spragins High School. I have been here ever since, and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding place to work. From the caring staff, to the dynamic student body - and of course our delicious food service program - Frank Spragins High School truly is the  school “where everyone belongs"

James Hayward - B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed.

Principal - Frank Spragins High School